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9,950 Ft
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Min. 4 person- about 60 minutes

1. Szarka Pince Mád Furmint 2017
2. Szarka Pince Mád Hárslevelű 2017
3. Szarka Pince Nyúlászó Furmint 2016
4. Szarka Pince Juharos Furmint 2017

5. Szarka Pince Cuvée 2016

+ Fingerfood /ham, cheese/ with cherry tomatoes and bread

(This product has a minimum quantity of 4)
Maximum volume of the order: 26!


Measurement of the tastings is 1 dL, dessert wines: 0,5dL.
Our HUF prices do not include the service charge. Please note that we have an additional 12% service charge.

The picture is just an illustration.


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